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Photo by: Roland Rujit/ Photo by: Roland Rujit/ Photo by: Roland Rujit/ Photo by: Roland Rujit/ Photo by: Roland Rujit/


Tenom district was officially opened in 1900. Officer who first named MCM Weedon. Tenom District opening by the British began with opening Sapong Estate and Melalap Estate. However, according to archaeological studies made by William TR (1962). Dr. Neville (1963) and F. Wassey Dumbelton AH (1984) and Ian Crawton (1980), the number of places in Tenom as Penotal Stone (Penotal Gorge) and mountains in the Bernese Kroker (Crocker Range) proved this area has been occupied since pre-history again. In this area found 'Stone Hammer' picks, stones used by the Murut people to hunt and make clothes. At first names Tenom District is Port Birch after the then Governor EW Brich (1901-1904). However Tenom name existed in 1904 following the completion of the railway from Beaufort to Tenom and Melalap.


Tenom is surrounded by the border with Keningau, Sipitang, Beaufort and Kalimantan Province of Indonesia. Tenom District area approximately 2,238 km or 930 square miles and includes Sub-District Kemabong. Topography is Hilly. Tropical rain is heavy and found fertile low lands and hills and is suitable for agricultural activities. Two rivers flowing through the district of Sungai Padas and Pagalan River, a source of water to the residents of the District of Tenom and also as generator fuel supply Tenom Pangi Hydroelectric. While rainfall in Tenom District in 2000 was 1,937.9mm.


Tenom district has a population of 39,240 people according to the census (Population and Housing Census of Malaysia 2000). In 2006 a total of 51,000 residents Tenom. This number includes Sub-District Kemabong. Murut tribe is the largest tribe of 60%, 20%, followed by Chinese, 10% Malay, Dusun / Kadazan 8% and others 2%. Murut tribes are divided into two groups, Murut tribe Timugon and Murut Tagol Timugon Murut tribe mostly settled in the area Mukim Pekan, and Kav Kav Melalap Entabuan while Murut Tagol settled in the area in Mukim Sapong, Kav Kemabong, and Kav Kav Tomani Rundum.


Tenom district has a culture of all races . It contributes and the combination of the various communities, particularly Murut Tagol, Murut Timugon, Quarter Lundayeh, Malay and Chinese. Racial tolerance and clearly visible also be held. All other forms of culture and religion is respected. At weddings, Celebration, Christmas, Chinese New Year, and the Harvest Festival and others. The community of all races will mingle and visit their relatives regardless of race and religion in order to strengthen ties of friendship and goodwill that has been practiced for a long time.


Christianity is embraced by the majority of society Lundayeh Murut and Kadazan / Dusun. Buddhism practiced by the Chinese community. In addition there is a part of the community Lundayeh Murut , Chinese professing Islam, Taoism , Christianity and others are still Pagan . Although the religion community in Tenom , something that is clear is that adherence to perform prayers responsibility among practicing komumniti komumniti - varying systems . They represent the tolerance that exists among groups of different ethnic and obviously also in line as enshrined in the National Principles.


Tenom district can be reached by road via the Kimanis Road - Show and Tambunan - Keningau or Bamban Kemabong - Sipitang a distance of approximately 209 miles. Tenom district does not have a problem about the relationship road with almost the entire village in the district of Tenom road communication has been received, whether it was built by the Government through the District Office, the District Council and the Public Works Department, Federal Development Department or Logging Companies. There are also trains from station perkidhmatan Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu Show - Bongawan, Membakut and Beaufort far as 134 miles.


Tenom District Economic Situation is dependent on agriculture, especially rubber production became the main source of income for residents of the District of Tenom. In the present economic growth in this region has increased with an embodiment of various facilities provided by the Government, particularly the growth sectors of Industrial, Manufacturing and Tourism.


Basically Tenom District has potential area for agriculture in 2000 amounted to 30,000 hectares until cultivated acreage of 22,000 hectares. Rubber is the main crop, followed by cocoa, coffee, rice fields and followed by fruit crops. Across Lagud Research Station is a Centre for Research and Studies of a variety of crops such as Cocoa, Coffee, Fruits and others. The center also sells various kinds of seeds (seeds) fruits for sale to the public. Tenom district are also some government agencies which play an important role in the Organization like Land of Sabah, Sabah Rubber Industry Board.


Tenom district has 7 areas including Sub-District, Kemabong District and 201 villages, 116 Agency Village Development and Security Committee. A District Chief, Native Chief 7orang, 27 Vice Chairman of the Native, 27 village heads and 6 Chinese community leaders . The district has placed the Central Administration Tenom headed by District Officer, Mr. FAIMIN KIMIN as District Officer in addition to 21 other General as Head of Local Authority Powers .Departments of State and Federal Statutory Bodies and State and Federal.


Tenom district has two areas the State Legislative Assembly Election of N.35 Melalap area represented by the Y.B. Datuk Radin Malleh (PBS -BN) and DUN N.36 KEMABONG area represented by the Y.B. Datuk Rubin Balang. Both areas Election N.35 and N.36 Melalap KEMABONG is included in the Parliamentary Elections areas P.181 TENOM represented by the Y.B. Datuk Raime Unggi. Total Electoral Area was 16,607 people DUN.35 Melalap and KEMABONG DUN.36 area is 11,140 voters, while the number of parliamentary electors P.181 TENOM is 27.747 voters.


Tenom district is co-developed with other districts in the State. Many facilities provided by the Government. Tenom district, was once a relatively quite area and isolated from various facilities, now the county has changed the face of a common area and grow. District of developing the projects that have been implemented by the Government since Independence Building Departments, several secondary schools, primary schools, Building New Shop, Low Cost Housing, Health Center Hospital, Mosque, Church, Temple and others. The construction of a road crossing Tenom to Beaufort Rube is the only flagship project and a landmark for the Tenom district in particular and the entire community in Upper Inner Part generally be found at the road. In addition to the rapid development taking place in this area, the villages in the district equally enjoy the facilities provided by the government such as the Mosque, Church, Prayer, Chapel, Temple, Schools, Clinics, landmark if House of Culture, Electric Fuel Supply Water Supply road and so on. For the convenience of villagers.


Water Resources Tenom District is the Padas River. Clean water is not a problem, there are now two of the Water Refinery in Tenom District and Sub-District Kemabong . In addition there is also a Gravity Water Supply by the Water Department and the Department of Health.


Tenom district has a hydro-electric power located in Pangi. Hydro Electric Power Plant is the only station Run Off River is the first in the state. Electricity capacity is 66 Megawatt. To supply power station to Kota Kinabalu, Tuaran , Penampang , Papar , Beaufort , Keningau and Tenom . Now off about 6,169 homes in the district have got electricity.

SCHOOL Tenom district until January 31, 2001 there were 50 schools of 03 secondary schools , 02 secondary schools and Help A Private Secondary Schools and 45 Primary Schools which have a seating capacity for 11,205 primary and secondary students . This number does not include the number of private school students . In terms of teaching about the number of primary school teachers of 784 people. The number of secondary school teachers , 194.


For health facilities to the people in Tenom District Government has provided various health centers. A District Hospital and Health Centre was established at Tenom d . It's permission is medical and health services to residents of the District and Sub-District Kemabong Tenom . Currently, there are 03 health centers and 8 village clinics and a Maternal and Child Health Clinic . There are also 02 private clinics and 2 clinics Traditional .


Tenom is rich with natural beauty as mysterious hills and complete with a variety of plants and wildlife. Great rivers and rapids as the Padas River and River Pegalan . Tenom district there are a number of places to be visited by the tourists. Agricultural Park is located in Seberang Lagud about 8 kilometers from the town of Tenom . The park promises green abiding legacy forever. Agricultural Park will feature activities of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry Sabah in Rural Development. Here the aesthetics and science combined to offset the days are gone with the future , with the advancement of culture and the environment. Other tourist attractions are available such as the Murut Cultural Centre in Pulong Melalap . Tomani carved stone in , Waterfalls at Kg . Wow, Kg . Meet new , Kg . Loop and Reakrasi Water or White Water Rafting in Pangi . Another landmark grandeur of the construction of a monument to commemorate the Murut warrior named Antanom or Ontoros who fought for their people in Rundum in 1915 .


Telekom Malaysia is providing Telecommunications services . In addition there is also a post office for the Postal Service , and the Rural Internet Centre ( RIC ), which is situated on the General Post Office


For tourists or visitors who visit Tenom District did not have difficulty living . Tenom have an international class hotel , in addition to modest hotels , chalets and rest house for rent for a modest price and affordable.


Here there are many restaurants that provide halal food and drinks . Besides the price is very affordable.

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