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Sabah State Government


Corresponding to the Sabah Government's challenge in promoting a paperless environment, the Sabah Electronic Government has begun to initiate the circulation of government forms electronically via Sabah.Net. There are approximately 30,000 types of forms today that are being utilised by the State Government and a large majority of the public. The Sabah Government hope that with this service:

  • relevant forms can be acquired from wherever you are. You do not have to worry or be burdened with questions as to where you can locate the necessary forms.
  • relevant forms can be attained at whatever time. There will be no further problem with the shortages of distributed forms, or the unavailability of forms after office hours.

Here are three kinds of forms that are readily available in this webpage such as:-

All documents can be downloaded here in the *.pdf (Adobe Portable Document) file format. You have to possess the Adobe Acrobat Reader application to view these documents.

Note: You are also able to get hold of several applications that are essential for viewing and printing the documents contained in the Electronic Sabah Government's Webpage. You may download the required application such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.