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Promoting Biotechnology Research and Development in Sabah

SaBC is collaborating with Natural Products Chemistry Laboratory, Institute for Tropical Biology and Conservation, Universiti Malaysia Sabah in a project entitled Unlocking Sabah’s marine and terrestrial biotechnological potential. The project that will start in May 2012 and ends in December 2013 is funded by the State Government under the 2nd roll plan of the 10th Malaysian Plan with an allocation amounting RM1.58million.


  • Production of chemical compounds of selected Sabah’s marine and terrestrial biological resources.
  • Establishment of database of specimen, extract and chemical profiles of Sabah’s biological resources.


Benefit to Sabah, Malaysia

  • Support efforts in building up the State's economic competitiveness through modern biotechnology.
  • As a long term strategy in building up Sabah's technological capability in biotechnology.
  • Support the State biodiversity conservation efforts by creating awareness to the people (especially Sabahan) on the value of its biological resources (through biotechnology) to the mankind.


Future Activities – 2013 to 2018

SaBC main goal in promoting biotechnology R&D is to support the creation of biotechnology industry in Sabah. Therefore, the activities will not only be confined to screening potential biological resources and producing chemical compounds but will proceed up to cell-based analysis, pharmacogenomics and pre-clinical trials research. In the meantime, Pharmaceuticals/nutraceuticals companies will be sought to bring such biotech products to the market. These activities will be strategically performed by establishing collaboration with partners that have been pre-identified by SaBC.


Biotechnology in the Pipeline:

Bioprospecting for New Fluorescent Proteins in Sabah (Update on this project)

Base Line Study on the Population Size and Foraging Areas of the Horseshoe Crab of Sabah, Malaysia

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