4 April 2011






KOTA KINABALU: The true spirit of the Barisan National (BN) coalition is centred on national interests and this is key to bringing our people in Sabah, as well as our nation into a dynamic future in an increasingly global and competitive world.


Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Musa Haji Aman said the focus of BN in Sabah was and would always be on the future of the state. 


“Therefore, our emphasis has always been on being a united Sabah and a united BN.  Only then, can we carry out our duties as chosen representatives of the rakyat to look after their needs and bring vibrant development to the state,” he said in a statement  today responding to recent criticisms made against Deputy Chief Minister and PBS President Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan.


Musa who is also Sabah BN Chief said members of the BN coalition should all be looking forward instead of backward as Sabah has more pressing priorities than to bring up conflict over the past.  


He said while history should be acknowledged, people should walk away enlightened by past achievements and have the resolve not to repeat the mistakes. 


“If we have to fight, let us unite and fight for a better future.  There is only one priority that will always take precedence:  delivering results for the rakyat,” he said.  Musa said he was worried that a situation could be used and taken advantage of by parties with selfish interests.  


He said Dr Mahathir has brought valuable contributions to Sabah, for example UMS and the KKIA and many more during his leadership.  As such, the views expressed by Dr Mahathir should be respected, and left at that.  It should not be used as capital to settle any scores.


He said State BN leaders must move beyond such things and whatever decisions made should be based on consensus and what was best for the people.  He said PBS was a valued component of BN that has been and would continue its commitment to serve Sabah. 


“Together, we have proved that we do listen to the people and are taking steps to become even more inclusive and vibrant than before as the ruling coalition,” he said. 


Musa said the recent decision to scrap the coal plant was a prime example of that, adding that in the true spirit of BN and 1Malaysia, the rakyat was the priority – hearing their voices and embracingthe spirit to change for the better.


“We still have major issues to tackle like poverty eradication, illegal immigrants and bringing socio-economic development to Sabah.  I urge all leaders to turun padang more, to get to know what matters to the constituents and deliver results,” he said.