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1. Gunung Trusmadi

    Its majesty rivaled only by the Mount kinabalu, Mount Trusmadi is nothing short of spectacular views and mind blowing climbing experience. Mount Trusmadi sits on the Trusmadi Range with an elevation of 8,699 feets above sea level or 2,642.281 meters, making it the second tallest mountain in Malaysia.



 2. Air Terjun Mahua

    Located 14km from the town of Tambunan, the waterfall is 17 meters tall and is within the Crcker Range Park. The 500 meters trail starting from the Mahua Substation building leading up to the waterfall itself is quite picturesque. Basic facilities such as picnic shelters, toilets as well as accomodations and a  restaurant are available. To enchance the safety of visitors, there are also lifeguards manning the water and recreation areas.



3. Laluan Garam / Salt Trail (Kg. Tikolod, Tambunan - Kg. Inobong, Penampang)

     This 34km ungle trail starts from Kampung Tikolod, Tambunan and ends in Kampung Inobong, Penampang and vice versa. It's a challenging 4 days journey to the other side (8 hours trekking each day), the trail going through the luscious jungle of the Crocker Range. This trail is the main trade route for the people of the interior region in the olden days to trade salt with the people on the coastal areas (hence the name 'Salt Trail'), this route has now been preserved solely for the purpose of jungle trekking and for enjoying the nature.



4. Laluan Minduk Sirung / Minduk Sirung Trail (Gunung Alab Sub Station - Mahua Waterfall Sub Station)

     Located in the center of the Crocker Range, the Minduk Sirung peak is at 2,050 meters above sea level. The journey downhill starts from Mount Alab through beautiful mountain forest and is an exhilarating challenge, with the trail being an off beaten track to many people. The trail is about 12km within 8-9 hours to the Mahua Waterfall. 



5. Rafflesia Nature Reserve (Pusat Penerangan Rafflesia Tambunan)

    Located along at the road of Kota Kinabalu - Tambunan, about 1.5 hours away from Kota Kinabalu. This Nature reserve is under the Tambunan's Forestry Department. A true nature reserve within the Crocker Range, numerous flora and fauna can be found here. This nature reserve houses some of the most amazing and beautiful plants of North Borneo, such as tropical trees, wild orchid and the biggest flower in the world the 'Rafflesia'.



6. Gunung Wakid (Kg. Sunsuron Tambunan)

      Mount Wakid is situated in Kampung Sunsuron, Tambunan. It takes 1.5 hours to reach from Kota Kinabalu. With an elevation of 1,372 meters above sea level, this mountain offers a leisurely hike from the village starting point to the foot of the mountain along the Sunsuron River, and then a semi-extreme hike up to the summit.



7. Tambunan Golf Club (TNGC)

      The Tambunan Golf Club is an 18-hole golf course that was designed by local amateur golfers and provides a unique challenge to avid golfers, an entertaining them at the same time with its quaint and rustic environment.



8. Tapak Bersejarah Tambunan

      Tambunan is full of histories and legends, and historical sites are abundant in this district. Some of the more known and easily accessible sites are managed by the sabah museum. Stop by Kampung Sunsuron to visit the Watu Tinuridong, one of what used to be a series of huge rocks that made the fortress of the villagers during Mat Salleh's attack on the village. Right next ot it is the Rumah Bambuwhich was built entirely out of natural materials. Further along the main road, you can stop by at Muzium Kota Mat Sator located  in Kampung Kepayan Lama, one of Mat Salleh's strongholds during British occupation. After that, you can also visit the Mat Salleh Memorial located in Kampung Tibabar.



9. Gantung Sorili (Kg. Widu Tambunan)

     To the eyes of an outsider, the Gantung Sorili may appear to look like an unremarkable large and old earthenware jar that can easily fit a child inside it. However, various mystical legends surround this nondescript jar or 'Kakanan' as it's called in Dusun Language.



 10. Tambunan Traditional Village & Food Hub (Kg. Tombotuon & Kg. Minodung)

        Ever feels like want to run away from the hustle and bustle of city life and look for a place where you can relax and be immersed with your surroundings? Here you can do lots of activities such as traditional river fishing or 'manahu' (Kg.Minodung), learn how to make traditional crafts and process ginger (Kg.Minodung), plant rice in the fields, and most of all, enjoy the local traditional foods.



11. Batu Gong (Kg. Solibog)

        Nature is never short of things for us humans to marvel at, and Batu Gong is one of the wonders. This entirely natural rock produces sound that is similar to those of the Dusun's traditional gongs, hence the name. 



12. Tambunan River "Tagal" System

        Sabahans are well aware of the term "Tagal', which is mean prohibition of taking any resources in certain areas. So by the definition, a river Tagal means that any types of fishing activities are prohibited from being conducted in the rivers with Tagal. The Tagal system is operate by dividing into three type of zone, green zone, yellow zone and red zone. However every year, the ban will be lifted for three days to allowed the community that living around to do fishing activities. 



13. Tambunan Weekly Open-Markets (Tamu Mingguan)

        Any Sabahan would be familiar with the term "Tamu", or open-market. Tambunan boasts three weekly open-markets, namely the Pasar/Tamu Malam which is held every Wednesday afternoon till evening and Tamu Hari Empat or the Thursday Open-Market starting from as early as 6 o'clock in the morning till 1 o'clock in the afternoon. Both are held in Pisompuruan Square and the Sunday Open Market at Toboh Tamu Ground starting from 6 o'clock in the morning until noon. Visitors can find anything in these Tamu, so feel free to spend your time visiting it.



14. Tambunan Ginger & Traditional Musical Instruments Hub (Kg. Tikolod)

       Kampung Tikolod, situated about 18km from the town center, is undoubtedly quite far, but by no means lesser compared to the others villages in the district. Infact, this village is the largest producer of ginger, and the center for making traditional musical instruments. Ginger, a well-known herb throughout the world, is farmed abundantly here by local farmers, becoming one of Sabah's main supplier of ginger. You can visit one of the farms and see first-hand how ginger is planted, cared for and harvested.



15. Tambunan Viewing Point (Pogimpaan)

       Fancy a bird's eye view of Tambunan town but too lazy to hike up a mountain? Well, if you happen to have a car at your disposal, feel free to drive up Bukit Dandab Papaya TRIG located at Kampung Dalungan. The gravel road will lead you up the side of this tall hill, and from there, you can see the entire town of Tambunan, as well as most of the district.

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