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Rental for Studio, Stage and Meeting Room


no items rate (RM) facilities provided


Capacity: 30 persons

RM30.00 per hour

RM200.00 per day

* Electricity (included)

RM15.00 per hour

RM100.00 per day

* Electricity (not included)

MUSIC STUDIO A (Ground Floor)
Capacity: 20 persons

MUSIC STUDIO B (6th Floor)
Capacity: 12 persons

RM40.00 per hour

RM250.00 per day

* Air conditioned

* Wall fan

4. MEETING ROOM (3rd Floor)
Capacity: 40 persons
RM30.00 per hour
RM200.00 per day

* Air conditioned

* Conference microphone with built-in speakers

5. ROSTRUM - 1 unit RM100.00 per day  
6. OFFICIAL GONG (1 set) RM200.00 per day * With gong stand
7. LCD (Meeting room, 3rd floor) - 1 set RM20.00 per hour
RM50.00 per day
8. MINI AUDIO - 1 unit RM15.00 per hour * For CD
9. P.A. SYSTEM - 1 set RM20.00 per hour  
10. STAND FAN - 1 unit RM15.00 per unit / per day