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Sabah State Government

Ransomware Cyber Attack Announcement

To All Citizens of Sabah State Government,

I wish to draw your kind attention to the matters listed above.

2. We are all aware of the cyber threats Ransomware known by the name of 'WannaCry', which is currently expanding and spreading to over 150 countries, including Malaysia. Among the systems services disabled as a result of ‘WannaCry’ infections are hospitals, finance, energy companies, university labs and more.

3. Should your computer be infected with Ransomeware WannaCry (technical name: WCry, WannaCry, WannaCryp0r, WannaCrypt, WanaDecrypt0r, WanaCrypt0r 2.0) it will be detrimental to the usage of your computer as your computer would be locked through encryption method. Your computer can only be used after the encryption is opened upon the payment of a ransom (this is the reason it is called ransomware and Cry actually refers to the word enCRYption) at a sum of USD$300.00.

4. Forwarded herewith is an attachment file 'link below' in pdf format (as well as the image of the sample) which is self-explanatory, including solutions and prevention methods, and thus minimizing WannaCry infection. Some examples of Ransomeware infection’s screen display are attached for your viewing and attention.

5. Sir/Madam, your cooperation in this matter is most crucial and we thank you in advance for the sake of protecting the image of all agencies in Sabah State Public Sector. For any inquiry, please submit them through Sabah Net Customer Service at email add: csd [at]  or telephone no. : 088-234101 / 016-833-1200.