Official Website Of Ceremonial & Protocol Division
Sabah Chief Minister's Department




Welcome to the Official Portal of the Protocol & Ceremonial Division.  The Protocol & Ceremonial Division (BIP) is an agency under the Sabah Chief Minister’s Department. This department is responsible for implementing and coordinating all aspects of operation of the Official Government Ceremonies in this State. This is to ensure smooth operation through abiding the correct rules or protocol practices.

The performance of this task requires the commitment from all BIP staff and cooperation of all agencies / institutions / individuals in accordance with the client’s charter. The BIP roles are becoming more challenging due to a number of new developments such as the creation of the new Agency / Institution as well as new posts that require balancing in terms of the application of the current Table of Precedence of Sabah.

Furthermore, the frequency and the number of ceremonies organized nationally and internationally are on the rise. In handling aspects of the protocol, it requires not only commitment but also skills, experience and wide exposure so that all services that are operated by the BIP for the State Government are at its best and lead to the satisfaction of all the parties involved.

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